The Ministry


Anchored in the Rock Ministries goes into the jails and prisons to preach God’s word to those who many of society has forgotten.  Through weekly visits to ten prisons and jails the Lord saved 2293 souls last year.  We bring hope, where no hope exists.  For one reason or another, these lost souls have reached the lowest point in their life.  Sometimes it is only at that lowest point that we can humble ourselves to hear and receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Over twenty preachers visit 10 facilities throughout Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia, bringing the Truth of God’s word to those many of our society has forgotten.


Over 20 preachers go into 10 different jails or correctional facilities.  Just about every day we have at least one service if not more.  Many of us have been serving the Lord in this capacity for more than 10 years.  It’s a rewarding work, but there is always more opportunity than we can fill. 

When these new God fearing men and women are released from jail, many have lost their jobs, their home and many family members have turned their back on them.  Our long term goal is to build a facility to house and educate these new Christians as they adjust to the free world once again.  Only when our immediate needs of the flesh are answered – food, clothing, shelter – can we open our hearts and continue to grow in the Lord.  Our program would include Bible Study and job training to help each former inmate establish themselves.

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